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We have been bringing more traffic to your website with the help of our SEO techniques.

This is a big challenge for any business to make sure that when people look for a service or product like yours, they should find you online and not your competitors instead. So, Techdzine SEO professionals will focus both on your website optimization primarily for visitors and your organic traffic growth. Major search engines like Google, give importance to user-friendly and user engagement websites.

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Best Search Engine Optimization Services Process

Our six-steps SEO process ensures that your website gets a higher position at major search engines.

Project Understanding

In SEO, first, we need to understand your business and its requirements. Then we identify the area of opportunity.

  • Brief About Project: We need to understand about the nature of your business for example - what kind of products or services you want to promote and its unique selling points (USPs) and your target audience locations.
  • Keywords: What are the keywords that you want to rank your website on top search engines results page.
  • Competitors: Brief about the major competitors of your business.
Indentify SEO Opportunity

Keyword Research

We do research on the continuous improvement of your business website in terms of increasing traffic, increase business leads and sales, etc. We identify potential keywords through our keywords research process, also do research on your competitor's activities and its keywords, and implements the best one on your website.

Our team of top search engine optimization (SEO) experts will take care of your website hygienic and working continuously on improving organic ranking without any penalty by search engines and the great user experience perspective.

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SEO Research Company in Mumbai

SEO Strategy

Create an outline roadmap of result-oriented SEO strategy and project idea that clearly deliverable and measurable clients business requirements and goals.

  • ON-Page Strategy: Make a plan for website On-Page SEO Strategy to optimize webpage starting from Title, Meta Description and inbound links and more.
  • Content Strategy: Content of the website is most important. So check duplicate content, thin content, proper utilization of keywords on page and more.
  • Off-Page Strategy: In SEO OFF-page strategy, we will be planing for acquiring high-quality backlinks from authority websites and also focus on user engagement activity.
  • Competitors Analysis: Tracking of competitors activities, On/Off-Page SEO strategy and its backlink audit, etc.
ROI Driven SEO Strategy Planning

On-site SEO Optimization

On-page SEO optimization is an exercise to optimize your website each element in order to get crawled by Googlebot of your page content and website structure without any error so that your website will get indexed properly. At Techdzine, our SEO expert optimizes your website all important areas by placing your potential keywords.

  • Page Title: Page title is the most important area of your website. It's visible on search engines results page (SERP) where user read and then click to reach your website.
  • Meta Description: It will visible on search engine results pages. An informative description of your website will help users to better understand what your page is about.
  • URL Structure: We optimize an SEO-friendly URL along with important keywords (with check page relevance) of your website.
  • Inbound Linking: It is also an important part of an ON-Page SEO, where we identify the opportunity of inbound linking in the page and do it. And more...
On Page SEO Optimization Services in Mumbai

Off-Page SEO Optimization

After completing On-page optimization on website we do work on off-page activity for the website. We make a link building strategy as per website services or product that you offer and competitors analysis etc. In Off-page SEO optimization services, we will do link building activities to acquire backlinks from various high-quality domain authority and relevant website. In SEO, domain authority and page authority of a website is matter, to get higher ranking on major search engines. One of the best SEO services company in Mumbai - Techdzine, will help to increase your website domain and page authority in an ethical way.

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Analysis and Reporting

Analysis and reporting are one the important activity for search engine optimization (SEO) professionals. As an SEO Services in Mumbai - Techdzine gives you various website performance-related report. We will create a report monthly or quarterly basis of your website performance. Also will give your website keywords ranking reports on a weekly basis.

  • Google Analytics Report: We create Google Analytics for your website to track website traffics and goals.
  • Google Webmasters Tool: We create Google Webmasters tool for your website. This only use for technical SEO purpose and website hygienic check.
  • Keywords Ranking Report: We will check the keywords ranking of your website on a weekly basis and share with you.
  • Link Building Report: We will send a link report each month that we acquired for your website.
SEO Analysis and Reporting Servcies Mumbai

We're Leading SEO Company in Dahisar

Our objective is to provide results-driven SEO Services in Dahsiar, Mumbai.

On-Page SEO

Our top SEO professionals optimized on-page SEO of your website individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffics from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is a link building process. We at Techdzine follow only white hat SEO techniques while we do backlink building for our client website. So the possibilities of penalty by search engines like Google is ZERO percent.

Local SEO

Techdzine is a local SEO company in Mumbai. We optimize your business website for your local customers so that, they can find your service or products in your area by simply typing a relevant query on Google search engine.

eCommerce SEO

Techdzine eCommerce SEO services will help you to increase your eCommerce website visibility on major search engines. Our eCommerce SEO experts will identify the area of improvement on your website and fix it efficiently.

On-Page SEO checklist

  • Website structure
  • Keyword research
  • URL Optimization
  • Write or rewrite title and meta description
  • Heading (H1 to H6)- tags optimization
  • Check inbound and outbound links
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • XML / HTML sitemaps and robots.txt
  • Find duplicate contents
  • Fix website broken links
  • Competitor analysis and more...

Off-Page SEO checklist

  • Business Listing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Free and Paid Blogging
  • Web 2.0 Website Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Website blog submission
  • Social profile creation
  • Classified Ads Posting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • And many more...

Major Components of Search Engine Optimization

We bring more organic traffic to your website with the help of our best SEO services.

Page Titles

Writing an effective and relevant pages title.

Meta Description

An informative description and use of potential keywords.


Appropriate heading structure with keyword placement.


Creating and submitting XML sitemap into search engines.

Website ON-Page SEO Components

Use of Images / Video into a page.

Quality content on a page will help your website ranking.

Use Keywords in Page / Title

Use the main keywords in page title so that search engines read and find them easily.

Use H1 Element, H2 & H3

Heading tags are used to determine important elements of a web page.

Use Internal Linking

Internal linking is an effective method to engage visitors on a page and also help search engines bots to find your other content easily.

Important of Quality Content in SEO

PA and DA are high

Page Authority and Domain Authority are the most important factors for Determining the quality of a website on search engines.

Relevant anchor text

Having relevant anchor text will help both search engines and users relevant contextual information about a page.

Backlinks Creation

We will create valuable backlinks that will help to increase your domain and page authority and ranking.

Do follow Links

A link that tells search engines to follow the intended page. We will create both do-follow and nofollow links of your website.

SEO Internal Linking Services Dahisar

Keyword research

We will identify the best and potential keywords through our keywords research process.

Sort keywords by low/high competitiveness

We will identify relevant keywords along with competitions and search volume.

Analyze keywords that are used by competitors

Our SEO expert will analyze your competitor's keywords and choose the best one for you.

Choose optimizable keywords

We will choose the right keywords and optimize according to your page content and services or products.

Keyword Research in SEO services

Total Visit

Total number of organic traffic
will increase by our SEO service.

Page Duration

Amount of time spent on a web page
will increase.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate will decrease i.e., people will start taking
action on the website.

Pageviews Numbers

The total number of website pageviews will increase through are best search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Increase Organic Traffic through our SEO Services in Dahisar

Global Ranking

Traffic rank of a website, as compared to all other
sites in the world will increase.

Local Ranking

Traffic rank of your website, as compared to all other sites
in the local area will improve.

Category Ranking

Category rank of the website will increase, as compared to all other sites in that category.

Website Global Ranking

Code Optimization

For optimal performance, we will do minifying the codes.

Image Optimization

We will compress the images that will allow the website to load faster.

Keyword Optimization

Optimize keywords for as per search engines guidelines.

Optimization Website Speed for SEO

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