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Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Audit: An SEO audit is a procedure for any website that helps to discover the untapped potential area of improvement in website.

Nowadays, people want to visit websites which are very fast at loading, relevant to their interest, secure and mobile-friendly. Similarly, search engines like Google increasingly look at user engagement signals (such as website page speed, mobile-friendliness, and time that visitors spent on the website) when ranking a website on the search engines results pages (SERPs).

Therefore, having a visible and user-friendly website is the key to online success and as a professional SEO company in Mumbai, Techdzine can help you to achieve success effectively. Our website search engine optimization (SEO) audits are manually performed by experienced SEO experts and make a strategic plan on the basis of your website SEO audit report. After that, we start optimization work on your website according to the plan to improve website speed, proper navigations, images optimization, and user engagement content on-site so that it helps to increase website ranking on SERPs and thus increase organic traffics towards the website. We perform website audit for ON-page, backlinks and technical SEO audit for your website.

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Website SEO Audit Service in Mumbai

Keyword Research: To find popular and potential keywords for your business.

Keyword research plays the most important role in search engine optimisation (SEO) for a website. Through our keyword research process, we identify potential keywords which will help to rank your website on 1st page of major search engines results pages (SERPs), drives more organic traffic to website, and achieve your business goals.

Our top professional SEO experts will keep tacking of your competitor activities and implements the best one on your website. Our SEO experts are quite experienced and smart enough to optimize website page along with potential keywords placement in content. So that helps to keep ranking a website on Google and other search engines the first page for a long time.

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SEO Research Company in Mumbai

ON Page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO: It is a technique of optimising individual web pages in order to rank higher and drive more relevant traffic from major search engines like Google and Bing.

On-Page SEO is a process to optimizing a web page as clear navigation, an SEO-friendly, and for audience perspective which helps to rank better on search engine results pages and drive plenty of relevant traffics from search engines like Google and Bing. So, once completed our website SEO audit, we identify the list of the area in your website where changes need to improve your website hygienic and ranking. Accordingly, we do a plan for an ON-Page SEO optimization strategy and technical SEO error fixing, etc. Our best SEO professional team will optimize your website with a result-driven set of practices that allow your website to rank higher position against your competitors in SERPs across major search engines like Google and Bing.

While doing an On-page SEO optimization, we always keep in mind about Google webmaster guidelines for a website. Accordingly, our search engine optimization expert follows to optimise your website’s Title, description, heading, breadcrumb, keywords proximity, density & prominence, internal linking and many more.

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SEO On-page Optimization Company in Mumbai

Off Page SEO Optimization

Link Building: Choose Quality links, Then Quantity of Low Backlinks.

After completing On-page optimization on the website, we start work on off-page activity for the website. We plan a link building strategy as per website services or product that you offer and competitors analysis etc. In Off-page SEO optimization services, we will do link building activities to acquire backlinks from various high-quality domain authority and relevant website. In SEO, domain authority and page authority of a website is matter, to get higher ranking on major search engines. One of the best company for SEO services in Mumbai - Techdzine, will help to increase your website domain and page authority in an ethical way.

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OFF Page SEO Company in Mumbai

SEO Conversion

SEO Conversion: Drive more relevant traffic to your website from organic to get more conversions.

Conversion is a general term. If a visitor is completing a website goal can be counted as a conversion. A goal can be different types such as pageviews counts, increase maximum traffics, and filling a form for product or services, etc. The goal can be changed according to your businesses and their requirements. With our comprehensive best search engine optimization (SEO) approach towards your website will get converted visitor into your potential customers.

We implement our top SEO technique starting from website SEO audit, website optimization, identify new opportunity, and On/Off-page SEO optimization on client website. We maintain our client website hygiene which helps to sustain a better ranking on search engines results page (SERP) and a better ranking means, an increase of conversions and sales.

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At Techdzine, our best SEO professionals will optimize your website with a comprehensive SEO approach that helps increase keyword ranking on major search engine search results. We have been driving results for our clients through search engine optimization since day one. Techdzine team has experience and knowledge to help – obtain and maintain top rankings for potential keywords that will help generate more leads and sales for your business.

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Our Mission to Make Your Business Profitable

Techdzine is the fastest growing SEO company in Mumbai who can help you to build your brand visibility on major search engines. Our team has quite experienced in his field so they manage any kind of website like eCommerce portal, any kind of products based business, local website, etc. We also help you to build an attractive and search engine friendly website of your business. Our expert designers are well versed in the art of website designing and do a design after understanding your product or services that you want to sell and accordingly we deliver to you with an extraordinary website.

They continuously work on your website to optimize your site performance such as page loading speed, easy navigation of products or services, SEO-Friendly URLs, and the clear call-to-action button that compels the user to move to the next step, resulting in you achieving your business goals.

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